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AI Application Development

Leverage our artificial intelligence development skills to build adaptive, intelligent products and tools. We develop intelligent AI applications and systems that can be trained to interact with humans using touch sensing, voice recognition, language and intent recognition, and programmed decision making. We have expertise in state of the art AI technologies like DeepLearning, Google AI, Tensor Flow, etc.

Machine Learning Consulting

We offer custom machine learning consulting that brings modern machine learning tools to you. Our machine learning experts and data scientists solve the most complex challenges and turn them into practical algorithms using machine learning, data science and statistics tools.

Cognitive Services

AptaCS is a Cognitive Services platform offering Facial Recognition, Emotion Detection and Intension Detection services that enable your applications to read and understand the world better. AptaCS allows you to easily add deep learning-based image analysis recognition technologies into your applications, with simple and powerful APIs and SDKs.

Python Development

From scraping to developing web application we use Python at core level. We have rich experience in developing dynamic websites, custom web applications and Desktop Applications in Python and Django

Bot Development

Empowered with AI, NLP, and Machine Learning technologies, we offer complete chatbot solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Kik, Microsoft and much more. Whether you are looking to build chat bots, conversation bots, IVR bots, online chat bots, text bots or messaging bots, we provide differentiated services exactly tailored to meet your needs.

Data Analytics

We help customers visualize and implement their data strategies, by using a range of technologies to improve the analytics capabilities of an organization on cloud or on premise.