We have the right solutions

Apta HR - Applying Machine Learning for Recruitment & Hiring

AptaHR helps recruiters optimize their hiring process. Our custom machine learning algorithm evaluates your CV database and applications received against specific job posting. It generates a 'Match Report' of a CV for a specific job description and a scored analysis of the CV.

Apta BI - Analytics giving a 360 ° view of your data

Our big data analytics services help you aggregate, integrate, validate data and draw meaningful insights about customer behavior, purchase patterns and preferences that will help you provide innovative product offerings and maximize your profits.

Apta I - the Aritifical Intelligence eyewear for the blind

While wearing the glasses, the user swipes the touch panel on the eyewear to take a photo. The eyewear will analyze and translate the image to speech and describe what the person is doing, how old they are, and what emotion they're expressing.

Apta Ed - the Aritifical Intelligence Education Chatbot

Apta Ed increases productivity, improves communication and speed up the administrative process both for institutions and educators. They effortlessly lend themselves to focused, result-oriented online conversations .